Chris Meadows LIVE in Greensboro

It All Happened Album Review

Chris Meadows accompanied by Cammy, Boy Rivers, and 7Bil produces a Christmas  Ep.


Chris Meadows ( @meadowsofficial ) releases double sided single, with a self produced track "Only One", followed up by a collaboration with producer LikeManna

( @likemanna ) "Unforgivable".

Chris Meadows @ Cultura Fest

Chris Meadows @ Cultura Fest

photos by (Instagram) @marcusbentonphotography


Chris Meadows in Washington D.C.

Chris Meadows collaborating with LikeManna (@likemanna) takes a step away from his traditional sound to bring you 4 bangers mixed and mastered with pure energy.

Music newcomer Chris Meadows ( @meadowsofficial ) returns like a season veteran, bringing you suburban summer sounds on an epic collaboration with producer LikeManna ( @likemanna ) from their soon to come EP "Like-Manna". 

Bleed is truly a vibe.

It All Happened

Chris Meadows, music newcomer- utilizes twelve tracks to paint a vivid picture of the truth. Linking up with WafffleHouseChris, It All Happened, is sketched with warm beats which colorfully describes the untold fidelity of millennials submerging themselves in social media. Meadows brings color to the forever drained society in which we live. With tracks such as “Amadi’s 69 Cents” which stereotypically portrays the ideology of anyone pursuing money and fame.  It’s vivid flow, and urban dialogue are a unique entity to the canvas. The song “#ShootYourShot” is a broad stroke adding gradation with a surprise sample that only adds to the masterpiece of a song. The album’s melodic tone and the lyrical hue will change artistic creativity for an eternity.

Wave Caps

Rest in Peace Freestyle

Everybody Knows

with Cammy, 7Bil & BenX

Everybody Knows live performance

with 7Bil, Ty- Scott,